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Garage Door Drum Replacement

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The door drums of a garage are gouge parts which are placed on the spring shaft. They allow the cables to wind and unwind, and this way it does all of the heavy lifting.

One drum is located at the top of each track, at the left hand side and right hand side of the opening. These are interior parts but they can become dirty, especially if the area is often left exposed to the elements.

Leaves can accumulate in the upper tracks. The parts can become dirty or even rusted. If, by any chance, water enters through the cracks, the parts can eventually rust, and hence weaken the material. This is why you should protect the area by leaving your doors in the "down" position whenever they are not in use.

Lubricating some of the moving parts is a good idea, but you should not apply liquid oil or silicone spray directly to the door drums. A good maintenance plan is to spray the torsion bar and the springs with the lubricating spray every six months.

As the steel wire cable runs through the gouge of the other parts, some of the lubricant will make its way into them. That is enough lubrication for the drum, because too much of it could cause the wire to slip out of the groove, which would hamper its normal functioning.

You can clean each of the components, that are not normally lubricated, with a soft cloth. The cloth can only be dampened when necessary to remove mud. There should be no need to wash the moving parts on a regular basis.

A rigid brush can be used instead of a soft cloth, depending on your personal preference. A wire brush can be used to remove small amounts of rust. But, if large amounts of rust are noticed, it is probably time to replace your garage door drums, or whichever component is affected.

Replacement is best left to a professional, unless you are very good with tools. There are diagrams online, and step-by-step instructions, covering the replacement process. It is not a simple or easy job.

You will need a step ladder to gain access to the upper parts. Some parts, such as the bottom brackets, are located near the floor and are easier to access and replace. It is a good idea to check that the brackets are secure on a regular basis. This can be done when you are lubricating the wires every six months.

When vibration or noisiness is noticed, during the opening and closing of garage doors, it often means that something is wrong with the track, or that it is time for maintenance. Often the tracks are just loose. Tightening them could solve the problem.

With regular maintenance, they can last for many years. But, if they are not taken care of properly, their lifespan will be greatly reduced. When you are uncertain of anything, consult a professional company like Denver Home Garage Doors.

Denver Home Garage Doors offer top notch garage door repair services for garage door drum replacement, in Denver. The company has been installing garage doors for many years and is familiar with all of their internal workings. The technology used in garage door openers has changed over the years. The style and materials used in garage doors have changed as well. The company sells components for garage door openers, and carries out garage door drum replacement in Denver.

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