:: Is It Worth Insulating Your Garage Door? - Guide
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Is It Worth Insulating Your Garage Door? - Guide

Posted on 2016-12-29 by Author Admin

When you open your garage door in the winters, it is just like opening the front door and then a gust of cold air disrupting the conditioned interiors. Even if you insulate the garage, it remains as an unconditioned space that stays cold as ever. Is it really so or insulating does help? Lets see:

Warmer, Definitely

During winter, insulated garage doors do get cold, but do not freeze. For example, if it is 20 degrees outside and you are using a non-insulated door, the garage temperature is likely to be around 30 degrees. With an insulated door in place, that temperature hovers around 42 degrees. 30 degrees is below freezing and 42 is above the freezing level. You see that insulation does make a big difference.

It has been observed that many people cant get their cars to start during the winter if the garage temperature happens to be too low. This is where insulation can rescue you.

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Vestibule Effect

Many garage door experts suggest that a garage equipped with an insulated door effectively behaves as a buffer zone between the houses controlled temperatures space and the cold outdoors. Restaurants are a great example of vestibule effect. When you enter any restaurant, you immediately notice the temperature difference. Similarly, insulated garage doors create a buffer space where not everyone who is entering the garage is blasted with cold air. Homes with conditioned spaces right above the garage also benefit from the vestibule zone which is created below in the garage.

Quieter Operation

Nobody likes a noisy garage door. It is akin to raising an alert when someone leaves the house or arrives. But insulated doors dont make that irritating noise. They not only bring finesse to your homes interior appearance but rattle less than non-insulated ones.

They are Tough

Garage door manufacturers are of the opinion that dense polyurethane offers notable insulation value when compared with a polystyrene core. But when it comes to strengthening a garage door, both are not of much help. Whether it is your kids throwing a basketball at the garage door or your car accidentally bumping into it, it wont be able to stand up to that. People need to realize how much torture a garage door undergoes. Insulation helps in adding sturdiness to the door panels and make them withstand occasional impacts. Even the stress of regular raising and lowering is handled effectively.

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The Bottom Line

If you generally use your garage for storage purpose, it would be better to leave the door alone. Insulating the ceiling and walls of your garage would be better. But if you use it as a living space, it’s worth insulating the door. Make your decision of insulating the door based on your lifestyle and how you use the garage. In the end, make sure you’re doing the best you can to keep the energy costs down.

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