:: Guidelines For Replacing Garage Door Springs
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Posted on 2016-03-18 by Author Admin

With the advent of time, your garage door might not function as efficiently as it used to while it was new. The main reason for the malfunctioning of the garage is the garage door spring or torsion spring which is located on either side of the door. In case you want to perform garage door spring install Denver or accomplish the replacement procedure perfectly, you must comprehend the components which need to be replaced. Garage door springs can prove to be quite dangerous in case you do not know exactly what you are doing and, therefore, it will be safe to take precautions and also understand the spring types you are dealing with prior to proceeding with garage door spring replacement procedures.

Usually, your garage door has 2 types of springs: torsion and side-mounted. The site-mounted springs are actually present on either side of the door. These happen to be long as well as heavy springs which make the lifting easier because they are under tension with the garage door closed. On the other hand, the torsion springs are positioned parallel to the upper portion of the door. In order to avoid any unwanted movement, these are fixed on a stationary metal shaft. The spring which is attached to the middle of the garage door with the help of the stationary plate, uncoils and helps to open the door. The garage door is able to open effectively with this tension movement.

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As soon as you understand the type of springs youre going to deal with, it is time to begin replacing them. Be aware of the cables which you will be involved with and also the tension which might harm you in case you do not follow the instructions perfectly. It is imperative to take precautionary measures before beginning the replacement.

1. At first you need to secure the garage door in a secure position for replacement. For this, you require to open the door fully and also utilize C-clamps or vice grips in order to keep it in position. At this time, the springs have minimum tension which is required for replacing them safely.

2. The end of the spring needs to be detached in order to remove it from its position. Also, the lift cable has to be removed for reducing the extension spring which will allow you to remove the spring smoothly from its original position. Remove the other spring only after replacing the initial one first.

3. Next you have to connect the eye bolt to the back hanger of the horizontal track. In this way, the new spring is going to be secure as one end of it will be put over the bolt.

4. The front pulley has to be attached to the spring by attaching a clip that must wrap around the pulley. Make it a point to secure it by using a nut and bolt in order to maintain the spring in position.

5. Following this, the bolt must be inserted to the track flag. This must be done from the inside so as to secure it properly. Affix the pulley outside the track which must be secured with the help of the nut. After finishing this part, place the cable back to its initial position and align the hole-plate along with the adjusting hole. The cable must be tied to the plate. Take care to pull it very tightly so that it does not become loose.

6. With the help of an S-hook, put it in the open end of the holding plate and then the hook has to be inserted through the adjusting holes. One end of the cable has to be tied so that it does not move needlessly. Once it is done, insert the cable through the garage door spring by forcing it to come out through the pulley. Pull the cable tightly and also tie it firmly to the adjusting hole. Repeat the same process for the second spring.

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